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Where The Journey Start Again

Hello Goodbye

Have I told you that Bangkok give me everything I want? I tried to run away from the comfort zone named. I always say that I really love moving. Get to know the new places, new friends, and other things. Then I realized that after this, I must face the last destination of this trip and should move on back to homeland. My heart said that you just need to stay here and my mind said to drop all of my plan in Jakarta then live here, find job and place to stay.

Okay, what’s plan after back to homeland? I need to continue my study and find other job to pay all of those outlay. Well at least, I need 1,5 until 2 years to finish my study and get stuck in the city of hell, Jakarta.

Run away from home and started a new life are always in the first mind’s queue. but I am not that crazy. Well at least, I want my parent think that I am responsible enough to live alone.

When I was back to Fred’s place, he came near to me and asked something.

“how are you?”

“I am fine, why do you always ask that question?”

“uhm nothing. where’s your next move?”

“I don’t know yet, but I need to get to Penang because my flight back home is from there.”

“and when do you leave?”

“I still.. don’t know”

“because other surfer will come tomorrow”

“oh.. I see. Okay I’ll leave tomorrow.”

“don’t worry, he will come in the night so you could still stay until the evening.”

Then I’ve just realized that I should keep moving.

back to Khaosan

On the next days, I woke up at 8am and packed all of my things. Fred need to leave home first cause he said he need to save the world, haha no, kidding. He was going to work. After all the kindness and the homey places he gave, all of these thing felt so empty. I feel the air came into a solid thing. Nothing in there was moving, even the wind.

My mind was filled up by the word of ‘move’. So I just tightened up my backpack and say good bye to the Fred’s homey room. It was a gloomy day. The dark cloudy and sometimes got a light rain. I was walking to the bus stop to catch up no.2 bus to the Khaosan Road. I checked in to 100bath dorm. As a price, no wonder what kind of place you’ll got. After drop my thing, I was going to Hualampong Railway Station.

Hello again Hualampong

Fred gave me a recommendation where should I go next. He said Huahin would be nice. It a quiet place with less tourist. But I thought I need closer place to Penang so I don’t need to be so hurry to catch up the flight. Meanwhile, when I started to open my wallet, I’ve just realized that it’s even less than 1000 bath left. I didn’t want to withdraw any money from ATM cause I already wasted 100.000rp from withdraw the day before. So I impulsively bought a ticket to Hat Yai which was 435bath only. It’s non sleeper and it’s 2nd class (or similar with business class in Java). The train will depart at 1pm and arrived in Hat Yai Junction at 8am in next day. It will be a long long journey with the train, ALONE.

Just for your info, there is an express train from Bangkok to Penang. It is sleeper train. It cost around 1100bath. It departs around 2pm and arrived around 11am the next day. Why I didn’t take this one? first, I don’t want to go directly to Penang. The price was reasonable but it didn’t fit my budget. The trip took very long time. and I didn’t want to spend 4 days in Penang, there will be stuck there. So here it was, I choose my journey.

Bangkok to Hat Yai, 934km Journey

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  1. Timothy W Pawiro – I like to watch movies ... I like to listen to music and attend concerts ... I like to hang out with my friends ... I like to eat ... and I like nasi goreng kambing (lamb fried rice)!! Haha :D

    2PM – 11AM is actually a very long journey! lol :)))

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